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Bristow is located at the foothills of the Bull Run Mountains and enveloped by rural estates and farms to the west and the commercial business center of Manassas to the east. The location provides a unique opportunity in suburban Northern Virginia to experience the bounties of Shenandoah with access to urban employment centers along I-66 and 267 Dulles Corridor as well as near and inside the I-495 Capital Beltway.

Bristow Commons is in the heart of the Linton Hall Rd corridor, connecting Route 29 & Route 28, at the intersection of Devlin Rd. The development is equidistant from Rt 28 and Rt 29 and surrounded by residential communities.


  • Population is nearly 45,000 with 38% of the population being less than 20 years old
  • 6.4% Population change from 2010 to 2012 and 243% change from 2000 to 2012
  • Median home price is $400,000
  • 13,355 Households
  • Aggregate disposable income of over $350mm in trade area
  • Median age is 32 with peak earnings over the next 10-15 years fuel additional needs and consumption
  • Average annual household income of $133,544 with 42% of households over $125,000 and nearly 28% of households over $150,000
  • Over 90% home ownership rates and mostly single family
  • More than 51% of population with bachelors or higher degree and nearly 20% with graduate or higher degree
  • Diverse population mix with nearly 1/3 of the population being minorities
  • Traffic counts of 25,000 vpd on linton hall road and 10,000 vpd on devlin road

Lifestyle segment within 3 mi radius is “Boomburbs”, defined as:

“The newest additions to the suburbs, Boomburbs communities are home to younger families who live a busy, upscale lifestyle. The median age is 33.8 years. This market has the highest population growth, at 4.6 percent annually, more than four times that of the national figure. The median home value is $308,700, and most households have two workers and two vehicles. This is the top market for households to own projection TVs, MP3 players, scanners, and laser printers, as well as owning or leasing full size SUVs. It’s the second ranked market for owning flat-screen or plasma screen TVs, video game systems, and digital camcorders, as well as owning or leasing minivans. Family vacations are a top priority. Popular vacation destinations are Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. For exercise, residents play tennis and golf, ski, and go jogging.” Source: ESRI

Bristow neighbors the hunt and horse country to the west in Fauquier County and Middleburg to the north, while local farms from Shenandoah supply the resplendent harvest of produce, dairy, meats, local goods and supplies and natural or organic products. Bristow Commons hosts a farmers market on Sundays from 10-2pm in the Bristow Montessori School parking lot to connect community members interested in local sourcing with local farmers.

Jiffy Lube Live performance theater is minutes away from Bristow Commons, so patrons can enjoy the before or after party with their family, friends, coworkers and associates.

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bristow-history-text bristow-history-civilwar bristow-history-linton

The history of Bristow is interwoven with the Civil War with several historic landmarks including the Bristoe Campaign fought at Bristoe Station on Bristow Rd, south of Route 28. The Davis-Beard House and Brentsville Historic District are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Bristow Commons is minutes away from these landmarks and several others in Manassas.
The majority of the Bristow Area was previously part of the Linton’s Ford plantation, owned by the Linton family from the 18th century. In 1894, Sarah Linton converted to Catholicism and became a Benedictine nun, and she donated the property to the Roman Catholic Church, to be used to establish schools for poor girls and boys.
Linton Hall Military School was founded in 1922, for which the main road was named: Linton Hall Road. In 1989, the school ended its military and boarding programs and became coeducational; it had already been renamed Linton Hall School many years earlier.
In the late 20th century, much of the original property was sold to developers. Population increased in the Bristow area (and increased enrollment for the school.) The Linton Family (with the exception of Sarah Linton) are buried in the Linton Family Cemetery in the Braemar Community.
The cemetery is legally unowned due to records loss when the Brentsville Courthouse burned in the Civil War. However maintenance is provided by the Braemar Community Association with coordination with the Benedictine Sisters at Linton Hall. (Source: Wikipedia).
Bristow Commons is built on land passed down from the Linton family through the Benedictine Sisters trust and is located less than a mile away from the Linton Hall School and Linton family cemetery.