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Benjin’s Asian Bistro

Asian Restaurant, owned by Benjin Yu, brings creative Asian cuisine combining the unique and vibrant tastes of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese traditions under a single roof.

Customers may avail relaxed urban style dine in experience or enjoy the palate of the Orient in the comfort of their own homes.  We focus on healthy and select dishes from Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese culinary traditions.  In addition, Bristow community patrons may also enjoy fusion trends of Japanese sushi and other dishes.

I have over thirteen years of experience in the restaurant business. The happiest day so far in this business would be the day I opened the first restaurant. The magic sauce to best serve customers and succeed in this business I guess would be the passion and love of running a restaurant, which I have dedicated most of my time to happen.

My key values are hoping my customers will have great experiences at our fusion cuisine establishment and make my business as one of the essential parts of their life. Bristow Commons fit perfectly into my business vision because not only it is located at one of the wealthiest spot in Prince William County, but it also has great potential in the future.

Owner Profile: Benjin Yu

I want to be in restaurant business because I love what I am doing. I have been prepared for this moment for years.  The most rewarding in my life I think is the day of fulfilling my dream after all hard work and struggles. I like living and doing business in Bristow because it is a educated, wealthy and nice spot. Also it has a lot of potential for the future.

I am sure customers will like to see an owner who is not only enthusiastic but also responsible and quality driven.

I came to the US fourteen years ago and have over thirteen years of restaurant experience.  I attended but dropped out of junior year at Robert H Smith Business School of University of Maryland. I value my family and spend time with my wife and two kids. My hobby is to read and watch sports like basketball, football and tennis.

My favorite quote is “you should like what you do everyday.”


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