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Birch Kitchen & Bar

Local goodness mixed with neighborhood cheer. COMING IN JULY!

SteakBirch Kitchen & Bar is the first farm to table concept in Western Prince William County. Birch uses local produces and meats, primarily from farms in Shenandoah, to bring freshness and quality into the heart of the Bristow neighborhood.

Birch is all about bringing people together around food, sourced, fresh and local. As providers of local food Birch strives to use natural and organic products, source locally whenever possible, use and innovate healthy recipes, and promote a healthy living and eating lifestyle for the residents of Bristow.

The setting of the eatery is based on the raw and warm texture of a farmhouse contrasted with a sense of urban modernity and flair. Outdoor seat under the trellis is akin to customers’ backyards with the high touch service of trained and friendly staffs. Herbs and vegetables growing in containers are scattered around the eatery to create a sense of presence in the garden and the wholesomeness of sourcing real food from the soil.

The founders of Birch have roots in farming dating back to their grandparents and spent much of their childhood ensconced with the richness and simplicity of rural life. The idea of opening a neighborhood eatery in Bristow dates back to the genesis of the Bristow Farmers Market in 2011. When Bristow Commons started hosting the farmers market and it became one of the largest markets in the area, it was positive proof that the residents of Western Prince William County valued quality and local food. The founders of Birch surmised that a simple, fresh and healthy eatery was what the local community wanted.

At DinnerAs years went by, the founders of Birch realized how important sourcing and cooking of food was to their own health and well-being. In addition to catering to senses and palate, food was medicinal as well. And thus presentation was another layer that enamored them. They found they were not the only ones that felt this way and their numbers grew. The active and health conscious, young demographic of Bristow demonstrates a latent need for bridging local food supply with local demand for quality products. And at Birch Kitchen and Bar that’s what the residents of Bristow will find, local goodness mixed with neighborhood cheer.

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