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Tom & Suzie’s NY Bagel Deli

NOW OPEN! Breakfast and Lunch Served 7 days a week. New York style delicatessen bagels served fresh every day in Bristow.


Breakfast and Lunch Served 7 days a week. Freshly Baked NY Bagels in many varieties matched with the very best meats and cheese (Boar’s Head) as well as Soft Drinks via Coca-Cola with Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate for our customer’s varied tastes. We will also provide NY Deli Salads i.e. Potato, Macaroni, Cole Slaw, Chicken, Tuna and on occasion (when available) White Fish. We will also have Italian Cookies, Cheesecakes, Cannolis & other Specialty Italian Items to be announced as they are made available. A full line of Sandwiches will include: Paninis, Kaiser Rolls, Pork Rolls, Heros (subs) etc.  


We will also be a Delicatessen which means we will be selling Boar’s Head Cold Cuts by the pound, Italian Bread by the loaf and Deli Salads by the pound. We also have Catering Programs available for an office lunch or a party, we’ve got you covered! We will offer local based upon our clientele’s needs.

Tom and Suzie are both of Italian Heritage with Tom hailing from New York and Suzie hailing from Rhode Island. They both have shared a passion for cooking and entertaining from a very young age. Growing up in an True Italian Household, it was customary that the children learned to cook by assisting their parents which would result in the passing down of the recipes from generation to generation. Suzie has catered, prepared and served food from Chantilly Country Club to family and friends’ events her whole life. Tom grew up working in a deli for 4 years in High School, preparing party catering and baking of all sorts. He prides himself with being innovative when it comes to presentation of food. Together they promise to provide the best Bagel & Deli Sandwiches south of New Jersey. Since customer service is their number one priority, be prepared to become part of the community and part of the Tom and Suzie family!

Bristow Commons played a significant role in where Tom and Suzie decided to place their deli. Tom and Suzie were looking to stay in Bristow which is where they currently reside. Before they knew what Bristow Commons was getting ready to build, they were also looking into Gainesville, Haymarket, Ashburn and even Fairfax. Happily placed less than one mile from their home, Tom and Suzie are excited that they were able to provide a service that by all accounts was so desperately needed in their own home town!

When they are not hard at work preparing and serving food to the people of their community, Tom and Suzie can often be seen around town whether it be riding their Harley, Playing Golf, Enjoying a day at a Local Winery or Raising Money for several charities such as The Alternative House in Fairfax, Toys for Tots at Christmas, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The American Red Cross and The Fisher House Foundation for Military Families.

“If you think by the inch and talk by the yard you should be moved by the foot.” —Tom and Suzie Badolato

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